• Q: How do I ship my Lenovo product?
    A: On the agreed date, Lenovo will dispatch a carrier to the address the Participant advised during registration. If it is not possible for said carrier to come on the agreed date, carrier will contact the Participant to agree a new date. The shipping label provided with the registration must be attached to the outside of the box and should remain easily accessible even when stacked on a pallet. It is recommended to secure the label with transparent shipping tape from being ripped off the box.
  • Q: Do I need to pay for the shipping?
    A: The charges for the collection are carried by Lenovo.
  • Q: Should I delete data on my hard drive before I send the equipment?
    A: Before you ship your device, it is strictly recommended that you back up your data and then erase the data from your hard drive. Any files or data left on your system may be accessible to others if the data is not erased. Thus absolutely no responsibility will be accepted for lost or confidential data and software. It is mandatory that you will delete all passwords in order your equipment could be audited. Passwords, that cannot be deleted, should be communicated to us.
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